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Atmospheric Sciences (English-Chinese) dictionary. 2014.

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  • Box model — Box models are simplified versions of complex systems, reducing them to boxes (or reservoirs) linked by fluxes. The boxes are assumed to be mixed homogeneously. Within a given box, the concentration of a species (e.g. a solute) is therefore… …   Wikipedia

  • Internet Explorer box model bug — The Internet Explorer box model bug is one of the best known software bugsFact|There s no proof that this is a bug. It should be called non standard behavior unless a reliable and authoritative source is cited.| ()|date=August 2008 in a popular… …   Wikipedia

  • Internet Explorer box model bug — Diferencia en cómo el ancho (width) es interpretado entre los modelos de caja de W3C e Internet Explorer en modo de retrocompatibilidad o Quirks mode. El fallo en el modelo de caja de Internet Explorer (en inglés: Internet Explorer box model bug) …   Wikipedia Español

  • black box model — UK US noun [C] ► MARKETING, GRAPHS & CHARTS a theory or drawing that tries to explain why consumers prefer to buy particular products, services, etc. rather than the others that are available: »The chapter begins with a black box model of… …   Financial and business terms

  • Black Box Model — A computer program into which users enter information and the system utilizes pre programmed logic to return output to the user. The black box portion of the system contains formulas and calculations that the user does not see nor need to know to …   Investment dictionary

  • Box-Modell-Fehler im Internet Explorer — Schema von unterschiedlichen Interpretation der Größenangaben eines HTML Blockelements Der Box Modell Fehler oder auch Box model bug ist ein Programmfehler in älteren Versionen des Microsoft Internet Explorers. Der Fehler hat zur Folge, dass das… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Box modeling — is a technique in 3D modeling where the model is created by modifying primitive shapes in a way to create a rough draft of the final model. This is in contrast with the edge modeling method, where the modeler edits individual vertices. While a… …   Wikipedia

  • Box-Behnken design — Box Behnken designs are experimental designs for response surface methodology, devised by George E. P. Box and Donald Behnken in 1960, to achieve the following goals: * Each factor, or independent variable, is placed at one of three equally… …   Wikipedia

  • Model-based testing — is the application of Model based design for designing and optionally executing the necessary artifacts to perform software testing. Models can be used to represent the desired behavior of the System Under Test (SUT), or to represent the desired… …   Wikipedia

  • Model selection — is the task of selecting a statistical model from a set of candidate models, given data. In the simplest cases, a pre existing set of data is considered. However, the task can also involve the design of experiments such that the data collected is …   Wikipedia

  • Model Products Corporation — or MPC for short, was a plastic model company started in 1963. It produced highly accurate and detailed kits and pre assembled promotional models, mainly of cars. These were all normally molded in plastic at 1:25 scale, but sometimes larger.… …   Wikipedia

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